The American Lacrosse Academy Arena is the PERFECT place to perfect your wall ball skills.  We have come up 26 different Wall Ball routines for you to try while you are here.  Once you have learned them, you can take them anywhere and practice on your own!


A- ALTERNATING (righty throw, righty catch, lefty throw, lefty catch)

B- BTB (Behind the Back)

C- Crossover (right handed player holding stick as a righty but making the throw and catch from the "lefty" stick position or vice versa)

D- Double Play

E- Early Bounce (off the turf, into the wall to a two handed catch same side)

F- Far, Near

G- Grounder (low hard roller off the wall to a low catch)

H- Half Stick (one handed from middle of stick)

I- Iroquois (behind the back throw to a behind the back catch)

J- Joker (one handed, inverted stick, around the world throw to a catch back on the strong side with one hand)

K- Kneeling Canadian

L- Lefty throw and catch

M- Marachek- (as in Tom Marachek, the master of this one)( strong handed throw to a behind the back catch)

N- Near, Far  (fake near, throw and catch far)

O- One Handed from the butt end (one handed hold on stick from butt end to an underhanded throw against the wall to a catch on the opposite side with two hands)

P- Palasek

Q- Quick Stick (in and out of stick as fast as you can without a craddle)

R- Righty throw and catch

S- Shot off the wall instead of pass (hard shot off the wall to a single bounce right back to another hard shot)

T- Twist (standing with your back to the wall and throwing and catching with same hand over each shoulder, alternating)

U- Underhand (underhand throw to catch in the box area)

V- Villain (one handed throw between the legs to a one handed catch on the stick side)

W- Wrap-around (wrap stick around body to throw and catch it normally with same hand)

X- Throw and catch from the back of the stick- as in Faceoff "X"

Y- Yellow Belly (backbreaker bounce pass off the wall to a strong handed catch)

Z- Zoolander (backbreaker bounce pass off the wall to a behind the back catch)