The mission of the American Lacrosse Academy and it's staff is to provide professional lacrosse instruction and skill development in a unique and lacrosse specific environment. It is our goal to help highly commited lacrosse players to reach their goals by using proper motivation, skill-specific drills and training and by providing our players an opportunity to develop their lacrosse skills all year long.  We believe that the skills required to become an excellent lacrosse player are developed over time and taught over years.  By using a box lacrosse platform, we can accelerate player skill development by drastically increasing the number of lacrosse ball "touches" per practice session.  This "accelerated" environment is unique to box lacrosse and automatically requires our players to think faster, fake faster and shoot more accurately than they have ever had to in a field lacrosse environment.  

Our newly added Lacrosse Perfomance Studio has taken the American Lacrosse Academy to another level.  We are now offering profesional, lacrosse-specific fitness training to our athletes.  We have added a Woodway Curve Treadmill, Two Matrix S-Drive High Performace Speed & PowerTrainers, 3 TRX training stations including the TRX Rip Stick for shooting training, and a multitude of other speed and agility equipment.  We look forward to helping our athletes reach all of their lacrosse and fitnes goals!

American Lacrosse Academy- Get IN, Get BETTER!!!